Information Technology solutions for small to large organizations in the private, public and non-profit sector.

About Us

We are a full service IT consulting company specializing in IT Process Improvement & Transformation, Application Development & Integration, and IT Professional Staffing.

At Capitol IT LLC, our mission is to enhance the effectiveness of your business by leveraging information technology. We do so by bringing together the best of people, process and tools.

Our approach is simple; the results are outstanding. We leverage top-tier, experienced talent with a combination of proven processes and leading technology to produce desirable outcomes for our customers.

Our clients and consultants “Experience the Difference” with us in many ways:

Pragmatic Approach To Project Delivery

  • Practical Implementation (Meta-SDP) of RUP & PMBOK
  • Tool Agnostic Process
  • Customizable for Client
  • User Centric Vs System Centric
  • Milestone and “Tollgate” Driven
  • Modular and Scaleable from small projects to enterprise programs

Strong Emphasis on Requirements Management

  • We use a systematic approach to eliciting, documenting, organizing, and tracking changing requirements.
  • Why?
    • 56% of all bugs occur due to incomplete or inaccurate requirements
    • Errors in requirements translate to 200 times cost overrun for rework
  • Unlike a traditional functional specification, our approach breaks requirements down by role.
  • Why?
    • This approach forces a user centric, rather than system centric, specification
    • Promotes greater stakeholder accountability

Preservation of Intellectual Capital

  • Knowledge Management is a key component of our process
  • Structured and Detailed Project Artifacts - We leave behind the knowledge gained on the project